t h e p u r e m o v e

If bouldering is the essence of climbing, then what's the essence of bouldering? I'd say it's the p u r e m o v e , but what's that? What is a p u r e m o v e ? With the risk of sounding like a sucker for Zen, I'd say the perfect move requires total harmony in mind and body. Ever been there? I know I haven't...yet. That's partly the reason we're going on this road trip. During one month we'll be exploring un- and well-known bouldering Meccas in Europe. Hopefully we'll find it and reach our n i r v a n a ...


p r o f i l e s



stefan pettersson

age: 23

height: 190 cm / 6'3''

bloc: mama said knock you out! 7c+/8a

occupation: climbing gym worker / model

björn pohl

age: 28

height: 193 cm / 6'4''

bloc: ballistic brothers 7c

occupation: project coordinator / writer

tomas gustavsson

age: 29

height: 190cm / 6'3''

bloc: it's weed against speed 7a+

occupation: programmer / rich


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